Client:  Cenni

URL: https://www.cennishoes.com/

Services Provided: SEO, PPC

Project Goal:  Cenni, the brand behind indoor cycling globally, was spending close to $.20 for every $1.00 of revenue that their pay-per-click campaign generated. After nearly losing money with the effort, Spinning turned to Coalition to manage their Ad Campaigns and SEO.

Solution:  SEO Service US revamped Cenni’s AdWords & Bing Ads campaigns, adding new ad groups, ads, keywords, and editing bids for each. We also offered to consult on landing pages and user experience for the Cenni.com site as well as worked with Cenni’s team to implement a laundry list of necessary SEO fixes.

Result: Ninety days later, Cenni’s revenue from PPC was up 17% and their CPA (cost per acquisition) was down by 50%. That meant they were spending far less to get more revenue. Our initial improvements netted them a quarter of a million dollars in additional profit in the first year we managed their campaigns. SEO Service US’s PPC campaigns generated $5,000,000 in revenue in three years. The SEO campaigns have shown even better revenue results. Cenni’s average monthly revenue reached $300,000 and organic users increased by 43% versus the previous year.